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ATC Precincts

The Australia TradeCoast region is made up of 32 industry precincts. The region also includes thousands of hectares of privately owned industrial land, offering the ideal mix of freehold and leasing opportunities across mixed use, light industry, general industry, and heavy industry zoned areas. To view the ATC region and the 32 industry precincts.

Precinct 1

Aerotech Park consists of approximately 175ha and is located on the eastern side of the 01R/19L runway. This precinct is fast becoming Asia Pacific’s aircraft maintenance hub. The primary focus for this precinct is for Aviation Maintenance and associated Aviation Support industries. Aerotech Park currently comprises maintenance and manufacturing facilities with direct airside access for defence suppliers including European Air Defence Services, leading airlines including Qantas and Virgin Australia, and a range of other aviation industry operators. Land without direct airside access has been identified for aviation support industries to complement aircraft maintenance and manufacturing activities.

  • Approximate Development Area: 175ha (not including roads and easements)
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Land Available: Yes
  • Major Tenants: Qantas Maintenance, Virgin Australia, Australian Aerospace

Precinct 2

The Future Aviation Facilities Area (FAFA) will be strategically located adjoining the taxiway systems to runways 01R/19L and 14/32. This precinct is set aside for major expansion in the longer term to provide airside support and ultimately large developable areas for aeronautical facilities. Such facilities could include major aircraft maintenance facilities. This precinct allows for a range of airside support land uses including hangars, freight handling, aviation maintenance, aviation technology and associated activities.

  • Approximate Development Area: 111ha (not including roads and easements)
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Land Available: Yes (future)
  • Major Tenants: Nil

Precinct 3

The Brisbane Domestic precinct’s primary focus is the facilitation of domestic passengers. Virgin Australia and Qantas operate the majority of the Domestic Terminal with the balance available for other domestic carriers, including Jetstar and Tiger. The Airtrain connects from the Domestic Terminal to Brisbane City and the Gold Coast. This precinct is expanding to service the expected significant growth of domestic passengers and freight through Brisbane Airport. The precinct allows for a range of land uses to efficiently serve airport users and aviation activity, including commercial office buildings, retail, hotel and additional car parking.

  • Approximate Total Development Area: 49ha (not including roads and easements)
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Land Available: Yes
  • Major Tenants: Airlines include Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Tiger and retail operators

Precinct 4

The Banksia Place precinct consists of approximately 122ha and includes the Central Parking Area (CPA). This precinct caters for a business park and combines a considerable area of car parking with associated service buildings and small offices. Mixed industry and business in Banksia Place precinct includes commercial offices, car rental depots, car parking and logistics operations. Banksia Place creates an attractive business park, with direct access to the Domestic and International Terminal buildings. The CPA is accessed from Moreton Drive and will be serviced by Brisbane Airport shuttle buses in the short term.

  • Approximate Development Area: 122ha (not including roads and easements)
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Land Available: Yes
  • Major Tenants: At present, occupied by Ground Transport Operators and Taxis in holding areas

Precinct 5

The Brisbane International precinct will form the international, commercial and business hub of Brisbane Airport. Brisbane International incorporates the International Terminal Building and the historic Kingsford Smith Memorial. In addition, it allows for a range of land uses to efficiently serve airport users and aviation activity. Apron area allows for freight and aircraft service operations, including airside catering. Future uses in the precinct include high end commercial offices, associated retail, secure long-term parking, logistics facilities and hotels. This precinct will continue to provide an efficient and accessible multi-modal transport hub, comprising an Airtrain station, bus services, multi-level and open air car parks, terminal transfer services, taxi ranks and space for rental cars, limousines and coach operators. It will also provide end of trip facilities for cyclists. The Airtrain provides a convenient public transport service to the Domestic Terminal and the wider SEQ rail network.

  • Approximate Development Area: 68ha (not including roads and easements)
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Land Available: Yes
  • Major Tenants: International airlines, retail operators

Precinct 6

The Export Park precinct includes Export Park and Viola Place. With the exception of Viola Place zoned as General Industry, Export Park is a Special Purpose Centre for mixed industry and business. This precinct is ideally located to facilitate air cargo operations and designed as a corporate office park catering for the individual functions associated with cargo terminal operators, freight forwarders and warehouse distribution networks. Export Park is located along Qantas Drive and provides some freight businesses and warehouses with direct airside access. Qantas Drive is accessed from Lomandra Drive and has regular airport bus services connecting to Airtrain stations.

  • Approximate Development Area: 76ha (not including roads and easements)
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Land Available: Yes
  • Major Tenants: Sandvik, DB Schenker, Australia Post Logistics, Qantas Freight, Fedex

Precinct 7

Export Park West is a future business park catering for freight forwarding and warehouse distribution businesses and will include facilities to meet the day-to-day needs of the local workforce. Export Park West is located on the western side of Airport Drive. The Gateway Motorway runs adjacent to this site providing good visual exposure to this precinct.

  • Approximate Development Area: 42ha (not including roads and easements)
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Land Available: Yes (future)
  • Major Tenants: Nil

Precinct 8

Skygate is the town centre of Brisbane Airport and a potential commercial centre for the broader Australia TradeCoast locality. Skygate is an integrated commercial, business, retail and leisure precinct, designed to service the needs of the growing region’s workforce. As a diverse and vibrant business centre, Skygate currently houses commercial offices, retail premises, a hotel, child care facilities, tourist outlets, health and well-being facilities, a direct factory outlet, supermarket and tavern. The precinct’s ultimate development will see these facilities expand, along with the establishment of a Golf Experience Centre. An area within Skygate has also been dedicated to a possible public transport interchange to support a future Airtrain Station.

Precinct 9

Da Vinci Centre is dedicated to logistics and aviation educational facilities. The logistics component of the Da Vinci Centre is concentrated around the former International Airport apron and satisfies air cargo operators. The Da Vinci Centre is strongly supported by the State Government and currently consists of flight simulators, cabin crew training, aircraft maintenance training facilities, and research and development facilities. These aviation educational facilities will also service the employment needs of tenants in the nearby Aerotech Park precinct in providing synergies between the developments.

Precinct 10

Airport Industrial Park is an industrial precinct designated for warehousing, industrial and logistics land uses. This precinct has direct boundary connections with off-airport industrial uses to the south. Airport Industrial Park will be an important addition to Brisbane’s north side industrial area and will provide support for airport activities. Intended land uses within the General Industry zoning include aviation maintenance and servicing workshops, a recycling facility and other ancillary commercial uses. A Light Industry zoning is included in Airport Industrial Park for light industries and warehousing that have low environmental impact.

  • Approximate Development Area: 110ha (not including roads and easements)
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Land Available: Yes
  • Major Tenants: Queensland Recycling

Precinct 11

TradeCoast Central, located on the former Brisbane Airport site adjacent to Southern Cross Way, is a 135ha fully integrated master planned corporate office park and industrial community with special emphasis on environmentally sustainable development and provision of first class utility services, including a fibre optic telecommunications network and a three pipe water system to minims use of potable water. The Master Plan provides for a commercial community which will include a large distribution and manufacturing precinct, retail and community facilities, extensive public open spaces including restored heritage sites, walkways and bikeways, and a campus style office park.

Precinct 12

The Myrtletown precinct is located in the area between Bulwer Island and Luggage Point on the northern side of the Brisbane River. The Myrtletown precinct contains roughly 100ha of land suitable for future industrial development. With significant residential buffers, proximity to the Brisbane River, Brisbane Airport, and the arterial road network, this area is one of the last remaining areas within the City of Brisbane suitable for heavy industry. Major investment in new and improved infrastructure is anticipated in this area over coming years.

Precinct 13

Bulwer Island is an area of reclaimed land in Pinkenba suitable for general and heavy industries. The island is home to ATC’s largest heavy industry cluster, with BP’s Bulwer Island Refinery, Shell’s Queensland distribution terminal, and other operations belonging to Incitec Pivot, Pacific Terminals, Boral Plasterboard, and Wagners. Bulwer Island contains a large area of waterfront land, and has a number of deep water berths that service a range of different wet and dry-bulk industries.

Precinct 14

The Port North precinct is located on Bulwer Island Adjacent to BP’s Refinery. The precinct will be developed in the future for core port infrastructure such as the storage and distribution of wet bulk products and the handling of import-export cargo. Given the strategic location of Port North in close proximity to existing deep water berths, this land is ideally situated to facilitate the expansion of uses already located on Bulwer Island.

  • Approximate Development Area: 40ha
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Land Available: Yes (Future)
  • Major Tenants: Nil

Precinct 15

The suburb of Eagle Farm is the highest density area of employment within ATC. Strategically located at the intersection of Kingsford-Smith Drive and the Gateway Motorway, Eagle Farm has an extremely diverse industrial base consisting of large and small logistics and distribution, manufacturing, building and construction, and service based industries. Given its strategic location, land in Eagle Farm is attractive to business, and this area is increasingly becoming an alternative location for businesses which have traditionally located in the CBD and City Fringe.

Precinct 16

The Northshore Hamilton Urban Development Area (UDA) covers 304ha of land between Kingsford Smith Drive and the Brisbane River, extending from Bretts Wharf to the west and the Gateway Motorway to the east. The Urban Land Development Authority is the planning authority for this area and owns approximately 64 hectares within the Northshore Hamilton UDA. With two kilometres of Brisbane River frontage just six kilometres from the Brisbane CBD, Northshore is Brisbane’s largest Urban Renewal project, and will ultimately be developed into a community of around 10,000 people. Incorporating much of Eagle Farm, there is also a significant existing industry cluster within the UDA which includes both Neumann Petroleum’s fuel terminal and BP’s Whinstanes marketing terminal.

Precinct 17

Portside Wharf and Cruise – The $750 million Portside Wharf development is a mixed use residential and retail precinct located on the riverfront at Hamilton, approximately 6km from Brisbane’s CBD. The project, which also incorporates the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal, is the beginning of the city’s largest urban renewal project, Northshore Hamilton. Stage 1 of the precinct is now complete incorporating three residential buildings, a retail plaza and the International Cruise Terminal.

  • Approximate Development Area: 28,000m2
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Land Available: No
  • Major Tenants: Brisbane International Cruise Terminal, Dendy Cinemas, IGA, Jett’s Fitness and 25 specialty stores

Precinct 18

Colmslie Business Park is Australia TradeCoast’s most inner city precinct, offering variable lot sizes for industrial warehouses, cold stores, transport operators, offices and service outlets. All facilities are purpose built to users requirements.

Precinct 19

The Old Mobil Site, a 27ha parcel of river front land in Morningside, represents one of the most significant redevelopment opportunities within the ATC region. Having initially served as a major Mobil distribution terminal, the site has undergone significant environmental remediation and is now ready to be redeveloped.

  • Approximate Development Area: 27ha
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Land Available: Yes
  • Major Tenants: Nil

Precinct 20

Metroplex on Gateway, a 62ha estate in Murrarie, is one of the most significant private sector developments within Australia TradeCoast. Development commenced in 1998 and is now almost complete. All developments in the estate have to comply with architectural and landscaping codes resulting in a high quality business park. Amenities include a restaurant, childcare centre and a free shuttle bus service linking to local transit centres. Tenants include an impressive list of international companies.

Precinct 21

The 7ha Murarrie Business Park is opposite Metroplex on Lytton Road and is fully developed. Nestlé Australia is just one of the high profile tenants operating within this precinct, with most of the estate comprising small office/ warehouse buildings occupied by groups such as Videopro, and CDS Gourmet Foods.

Precinct 22

Rivergate Marina and Shipyard, located next to the Gateway Bridge at Murarrie, has set new standards for integrated marine and industry precincts. It combines a working shipyard with commercial and light industrial space in a secure environment. At the centre of the precinct is Rivergate’s purpose built marina with 105 berths, 12,000sqm of hardstand and a variety of refit and maintenance sheds serviced by two travelifts capable of lifting 300 tonnes. As an Official Custom and Quarantine clearance point, the marina is 5 days steaming from the South Pacific; 4 days from the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef; and 3 days from Sydney.

Precinct 23

Gibson Island, located to the East of the Gateway Bridge in the suburb of Murarrie, is home to two major industrial operations, Visy Recycling and Incitec Pivot, along with the Gibson Island Advanced Water Treatment Plant. Encompassing 20ha of land at the end of Gibson Island, Incitec Pivot’s fertilizer manufacturing plant is one of the earliest and most significant industrial operations within ATC. With the Roma to Brisbane Pipeline providing large quantities of natural gas into the island, and the location of the Advanced Water Treatment Plant, this area is extremely well serviced by these important utilities.

Precinct 24

Axis Industrial Park Estate is a 15 Lot, 10 ha industrial estate strategically located at the junction of Lytton Road and the Port of Brisbane Motorway, in close proximity to the Port of Brisbane. The estate can accommodate warehousing requirements from 3,000 square metres to 10,000 square metres. Businesses in this estate are perfectly positioned to take advantage of proximity to the Port of Brisbane, the Gateway arterial, and the Brisbane CBD.

Precinct 25

Portlink Industrial Park in Hemmant is an 8.3ha, 19-lot industrial sub-division off Lytton Road developed by Pradella Developments Pty Ltd. The estate comprises two stages, with stage one (13 lots) launched in 2004. Lot sizes range in size from 2,500m2 to 2ha.

Precinct 26

Brisbane Marine Industry Park, located on the Brisbane River at Hemmant on approximately 40ha of strategic industrial land, is home to over 30 businesses engaging in manufacturing or servicing related to the marine industry. These businesses are supported by infrastructure which includes ship lifting and hardstand capacity, boat sheds, workshops and a marina. Brisbane Marine Industry Park’s 600 tonne ship lift is the largest of its kind in Queensland, providing capacity to service some of the largest vessels in the region.

  • Approximate Development Area: 40ha
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Land Available: Yes
  • Major Tenants: Shipworks Brisbane, Rogers and Lough, Smart Marine Services

Precinct 27

Lytton Industrial Estate is a master planned industrial estate, which is being managed and delivered by the Property Services Group, a commercialised business unit within the State Government’s Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation. Lots are available in a range of sizes over 1.2ha, and given its strategic location on the Port of Brisbane Motorway the park is ideally suited to those businesses that are engaged in operations involving the Port. Businesses that have chosen to take advantage of this location include Berri, PFD Foods, Toyota Parts & Accessories, Castlemaine Smallgoods, Troncs Transport, Powersafe, Accurate Welding, and many more.

  • Approximate Development Area: 127.6 ha (exclusive of road and reserve areas)
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Land Available: Yes
  • Major Tenants: Berri, PFD Foods, Troncs Transport, Interport Cargo

Precinct 28

Port West Estate comprises approximately 90ha of vacant strategic port land located along the riverfront at Lytton, approximately 7 kms from the Port of Brisbane. Future development of the site is likely to include the construction of facilities for the handling, storage and despatch of a range of cargoes, including containerised cargoes, project cargo and motor vehicles. Studies into the future development of wharves along part of the estate are positive, although there are no immediate plans for wharf construction.

  • Approximate Development Area: 90ha
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Land Available: Yes
  • Major Tenants: Nil

Precinct 29

Port Gate Estate provides for port operational activities, as well as commercial enterprises and support services; with provision for the accommodation of existing and future development including tug and dredging bases, barge operations, emergency services, port security, vehicle services depots and warehousing and distribution services.

  • Approximate Development Area: 83 ha
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Land Available: Yes
  • Major Tenants: Tzaneros Enterprises, Tzaneros Nominees, Toll Logistics

Precinct 30

Port of Brisbane (Fisherman Islands) is located at the mouth of the Brisbane River and is the primary location of port operations, with major facilities including cargo wharves, cargo-handling infrastructure, motor vehicle storage and processing, warehousing and storage areas, container parks, logistical centres and intermodal transport interchanges. For those organisations located at the Port of Brisbane, the Brisbane Multimodal Terminal provides an efficient interface between road, rail, and sea transport, and ensures that goods coming through the Port reach their ultimate destination as quickly as possible. Due to growth in trade and shipping, and demand for port-related commercial and industrial development, additional port land is progressively being reclaimed. A 230 hectare area known as the Future Port Expansion area (FPE) will be gradually filled over 15-40 years with materials obtained from maintenance and capital dredging projects.

  • Approximate Development Area: 525ha
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Land Available: Yes
  • Major Tenants: DP World, Patrick Terminals, Patrick Port Logistics, Australian Amalgamated Terminals, Sunstate Cement, Queensland Bulk Handling, Patrick Autocare, Prixcar, POTA, IPS Logistics, Graincorp, Queensland Commodity Exports

Precinct 31

When fully completed, Port Central, a commercial business and retail precinct, will provide cutting-edge facilities for the Port of Brisbane. Located in the heart of one of the busiest ports in Australia, the Port Central precinct provides a major opportunity for companies seeking a strategic port location for their business in a range of office environments, including a five star green rated office building.

  • Approximate Development Area: Three office buildings comprising approximately 9,400 square metres of office space
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Tenancies Available: Yes
  • Major Tenants: Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd, AQIS, NYK.MISC

Precinct 32

The Future Port Expansion area (FPE) will provide 230ha of port land and increased quay line and is progressing well, with Wharves11 and 12 on track to meet their respective construction deadlines. These wharves will be home to Brisbane Container Terminal Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Hutchison Port Holdings Ltd, one of the largest container terminal operators in the world. The facility will become the Port of Brisbane’s third major container wharf operator, joining DP World and Patrick Port Logistics.

  • Approximate Development Area: 230ha
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Land Available: Yes (future)
  • Major Tenants: Nil

* General Note – All Port Lands – The Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd has a long term lease from the State Government off all port lands at the Port of Brisbane (including Port Central), Port Gate, Port West and Port North, and provides tenure by way of leases to port clients.