5 minutes with a founder: Majella Edwards from Sortal - Choose Brisbane


5 minutes with a founder: Majella Edwards from Sortal

Brisbane startup Sortal helps you to manage large volumes of images (PSFs, video and audio files). The digital image management solution uses artificial intelligence to enable businesses or individuals to quickly navigate through thousands of images to find the exact image they are looking for. 

What is Sortal?  

"With an ever-increasing digital footprint, businesses and individuals are creating tonnes of visual digital content. Now more than ever, visuals need to be discoverable - so we’ve developed Sortal to make vast digital libraries intuitively searchable." "By bringing digital asset management to the masses, Sortal empowers anybody and everybody to tackle all their photo and video libraries quickly and easily. We already have an app available in 11 countries, and soon our Sortal SaaS platform will be available globally as well." 

What problem is Sortal solving for the technology industry?  

"There have been amazing advances in computer vision, machine learning and cloud computing. Because of this, we’re able to provide our customers with an ‘off the shelf’ AI solution to speed up laborious and time consuming processes." "Sortal works on all types of image files, and over the next few months we’ll be releasing other highly anticipated features." "There are lots of delightful ‘party tricks’ that Sortal can do, but one of the most renowned features is that Sortal learns, so it gets smarter over time the more a person or team interacts with it. This means that Sortal can be used across diverse industries wherever image management is required."

Why build your business in Brisbane? 

"Brisbane is uniquely positioned with multiple universities and a thriving startup ecosystem. We find that we have access to great talent, great ideas and there is a community of people here who have a passion to try something new. I’m really looking forward to growing my team here!" 

What is your favourite app right now? And why?

"My favourite app has to be Apple News, I love being served both national and global news from a variety of sources in the fields I’m interested in. I also use Trello and Slack daily in my business, these tools help keep my business running from wherever I am."

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