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5 minutes with a founder: Scott Millar from Bop Industries

BOP Industries is a Brisbane-based technology and education company on a mission to inspire the next generation of digital creators. The company has recently transitioned into the education space amid growing demand from teachers around the world for engaging and up-to-date content around entrepreneurship, STEM and the future of work, for their students. Based in Fishburners at the Capital, the company is just entering their early stages of offshore expansion after receiving growing demands from the international teaching community. 

What Is The Problem BOP Education Is Solving? 

BOP Education exists to help show primary and high school students the amazing things they can do at any age, from anywhere. With a range of workshops and masterclasses available, they teach students about entrepreneurship, technology and innovation with a focus on creativity and real-world learning. With an increased push for innovation and entrepreneurship in the curriculum, teachers are being stretched thinner than ever as they are required to be constantly updating their content and material with fresh, up-to-date case studies and methodologies for their students. BOP Education exists to help relieve some of these stresses by creating programs, content and case studies for primary and high schools using our extensive range of corporate, startup and government partners. 

Why Build Your Business In Brisbane? 

Despite travelling a lot for our work, Brisbane is always the city that our team look forward to coming back to and enjoy basing our operations out of. There is considerable investment from the government to support startups and SME’s, and investment and collaboration are growing within the industry as well. As well as all of this though, one of the best things about Brisbane is that instead of six degrees of separation, we have about two. Everyone knows everyone and people are so kind and willing to help however they can. Brisbane really has a ‘give first’ mentality. 

What’s Your Favourite App Right Now And Why? 

This sounds a little lame, but my favourite app right now is ‘Google Sheets’! Whilst is super simple, it is so flexible and you can do so much with it and it’s such a great way for startups to store information, look into the future and keep a track of everything that’s happening from anywhere in the world.

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