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Invest News February 2018

Brisbane lures Scottish craft beer pioneer BrewDog Brisbane is raising a glass to craft beer company...

How scientists are ripening Australia’s avocado stocks

How scientists are ripening Australia’s avocado stocks, by Prof Neena Mitter, University of Queensland

Why South East Queensland is perfectly positioned to be a global food innovator

Nicki Briggs believes South East Queensland is in the perfect position to capitalise on the growing demand for food innovation and increasing exports.

VIDEO: Why craft beer powerhouse BrewDog is bringing their brews to Brisbane

The director of BrewDog Australia, Zarah Prior, delves into the origins of the global craft beer powerhouse, and why they chose Brisbane as the city for their new brewery.

News from the Invest Team

Investment Attraction team recognised on the global stage Brisbane Marketing’s Investment Attr...

What’s ahead for Brisbane in 2018: Industry experts have their say

It’s a new year and while it’s easy to reflect on what was a record 12 months in many industries for Brisbane and the state, The Brisbane Report is casting its gaze forward to what the city’s industry experts say 2018 has in store.

The Annual 2017

The Brisbane Report delivers compelling stories across a multitude of industries, giving you insight into the city's diverse business sectors tick for investors, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Invest News November 2017

Doing business in Australia getting easier; Qld leads Australia’s innovation game; All the LMBA2017 winners + more.

INFOGRAPHIC: How communities drive decisions in aged care infrastructure

Community consultation helps drive how aged care facilities are shaped - here’s how Regis does it.

ANALYSIS: What (and who) is shaping the future of aged care infrastructure?

Guest editor Russell Allison on how a generation is influencing where and what aged care is now.