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Study Stories – John

Find out why John from the Philippines chose to study nursing at Queensland University of Technology.

A students' guide to Brisbane on a budget

The students' guide to Brisbane on a budget is your go-to for saving money on food, clothes, eating out and mini adventures, to put cash back in your pocket for fun with friends.

Study Stories – Jimmy

Meet Jimmy from South Korea. His dream of becoming a diplomat in the Republic of Korea led him to international studies at The University of Queensland.

We’ve just toured Brisbane’s newest student digs and send us back to uni immediately please

With fresh, modern fit-outs and super close to absolutely everything (and we mean everything), these new student digs should be firm on your radar.

The best of what's on campus in Brisbane

Discover the best Brisbane eats, coffee, parks, events, music and bars on campus.

Study Stories – Nut

Meet Nut from Thailand. He's an engineering graduate with a dream to start his own restaurant.

Multicultural festivals in Brisbane

We’ve put together a calendar of the city’s most celebrated multicultural festivals to help you coordinate your social schedule between exams and assessments.

Brisbane's best bars for students

Wednesday wines-day, thirsty Thursdays, TGIF parties and Sunday sessions – there’s a bar for them all in Brisbane. We’ve rounded up the best student hangs and parties that will see you through the uni term.

Study Stories – Yasser

Meet Yasser from Saudi Arabia. He'd always dreamt of becoming a pilot, and now he is one.

Brisbane's best multicultural restaurants

Is your heart aching for a taste of home? Maybe it’s time to ditch the campus cafeteria and treat your tastebuds to some familiar flavours.