Apply to Study - Choose Brisbane

Apply to Study

Once you have decided what to study, it is time to apply to the institution.

To apply for a place in Brisbane, you will need to submit a formal application to study. Applications require a substantial amount of paperwork, so be sure to allow adequate time before the course starting date.

You have two choices to submit your formal application to study:

  1. Apply direct to the institution
  2. Apply using the assistance of an education agency

Apply direct to the institution

Click below to apply direct to the institution of your choice. 

Your application will be assessed by your chosen institution and if you meet all requirements, you will receive a Letter of Offer and supporting information on how to apply for your visa. 

There may be an application fee charged by the institution. This will be charged regardless of your method of application, but may be waived in some instances at the discretion of the institution.

Higher Education Providers

Vocational Education and Training Providers

Primary and Secondary School Providers

English Language Providers 

Pathway and Foundation Providers